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What are the products made from?

The products are made from new and old sailcloth. This cloth is Dacron which has a number of strong properties:

  • Highly durable (many of you sailors will know it takes a while to fully destroy a sail and it will not decompose therefore they build up in your garage).

  • Splash proof. When the cloth is turned into products it becomes splash proof and wipe-able.

  • The products are sewn together with sail maker’s thread which is very tough and won’t degrade.

Is my product waterproof?

Sailcloth is splash-proof and wipe-able, however the products should not be left in the rain as the product may leak at the stitching.

Why is my product so stiff?

When sailcloth is produced it has a waxy layer over the top to help it last longer. The more you use the product the softer it will become.

What can I do with my old sails?

If you do not need or want your old sails you can donate them to Funkystarfish in return for a freebie. Or if you are interested in turning your sails into a product(s) you can choose any from our range. Drop us an email or call with details and we can let you know what we can do with your sail. In some cases we may use your old sails along with some new cloth to add some colour.

What is in the beanbag?

The beanbags are filled with fire retardant polystyrene beans inside a removable liner, with a zip for topping up.

What happens if my beanbag becomes thin or flat?

If your beanbag starts to lose it shape it is because the fire retardant polystyrene beans have been squashed with all the usage. Not to worry your “funky” beanbag just needs a top up. You can purchase more beans direct from us.

What is the lettering and numbers made from which is stuck on my product?

The letters and numbers and some other shapes are made from Insignia which is used daily in the sailing world to produce sail numbers. This is very sticky stuff and unless introduced to extreme heat it will not come off easily.

What Sails are used?

Funky Starfish are donated a variety of different sails with varying quality. Some are extremelly well used or old but are comfortably soft. Others are slightly less used and more crisp. Some of the sails we have been donated are; Fife, 49er, 29er, Solo, Pico, Topper, Mirror, Squib, Skud 18, Optimist, Laser, J24, Finn, Windsurfer, 470 and Merlin Rocket. 

Are the Sails Clean?

Each sail has a history and sometimes that history is told by the markings on the sail which may include sail numbers, stamps and small marks. Each sail is machine washed and we ensure that any large permanent marks e.g. rust or oil are not used in the products. 

Is my item machine washable?

Most items are machine washable these include the outershell of the beanbags, small bags and other items can be wiped clean.

Can I have my items shipped abroad?

We are keen for our products and brand to be seen abroad and so will post oversea's. For information on shipping costs outide the UK please get intouch.

Can I Personalise any item?

Though all of the items on our website are not personalisable we are happy to do so for any of our products. Please get intouch with your requirements.

Can I create a Bespoke product?

We would be very happy to hear any ideas you may have for a product and we can even create items that are not made from sailcloth. Please contact us with your ideas and for a quote. 

How long does it take to receive my item?

All of our items are made by hand to order. Please allow up to 1 week for small items and up to 10 woking days for beanbags. We will endeavour to get your item(s) to you as soon as possible. 



All small items will be delivered 1st Class with Royal Mail® and the beanbags and larger items will be delivered via Courier. You will be notified via email the date of the delivery of your parcel.


Please allow up to 7days maximum after your order for delivery of the standard products and up to 10days maximum for the delivery of personalised items, the reason being that your products are made by hand.


Standard items that have not be been personalised can be returned to Funky Starfish at this address and a full refund will be given. For items that are bespoke or fully persoanlised these items are non refundable if the items is made as requested, as we cannot sell it on. The item can only be returned if there is a fault with the item.

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