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Our most popular beanbag which is a chair shaped to suit all ages. The bag has new sailcloth around the edge (colour) and a recycled sail white seat which will have 3 random numbers on it. There is a webbing handle on the top and a zip in the base.

THE BEANBAGS ARE PROVIDED WITHOUT POLYSTYRENE BEAN FILLING. Shipping costs have increased dramatically and not providing beans will save you money. We have reduced the costs of our chair beanbag from £189.99 so customers can source their own filling. 

There are 9 colour options as shown at the top of the page.
85cm x 86cm x 76cm x 34cm (seat height)
If you like the style of this beanbag but are interested in creating a chair beanbag similar to those seen in the gallery please contact us with your requirements. We are also flexible on the design that goes on the seat and so if you would prefer a name, sail number or logo please get intouch.

Chair Beanbag

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Bag Colour
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