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These cute little bags are made from 100% recycled sailcoth and each one is unique. Each bag contains some sail features which may include stitching, batten pockets or sail numbers (varies per bag).

The bags have stainless steel eyelets with rope handles threaded through (the colour of rope may vary) which are adjustable but long enough to put the bag over your shoulder. 

We have four sailcloth types to choose from:

  • Pico sail - baby blue in colour and may include some bits of white from the sail luff
  • Squib sail - a gorgeous vintage brown colour
  • White sail - we have many white reycled sails and so your bag may be made from laser, oppie, 470 sails etc.
  • Red - We also have lots of red sails e.g Mirror sails

Please select below what sail you want the bag to be made of. We also offer you the opportunity to perosnalise with Letters or Numbers. Please type this into the box below and select colour for the text


Size - 35cm x 20cm x 20cm 

Mini Duffle Bag

Text Colour
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